Champion Family Dedication

Saxon Austin Champion - (grandson)

Saxon Austin Champion is a Black Lab/Australian Shepard. He was born October 1, 2004 in Lousiana, a high killzone. Saxon was an inspiration to the family with his human like personality. He excelled in his training, tricks at DTails. He was loved by all family and friends. He became Luella and Lawrence's protector during there time here, by not leaving there sides, and always wanted to play with them.
Weeks after Luella's passing, Saxon become sick by starting to have Grand Maul Seisures. Family and Friends said that having another dog would be a benefit to him, this when Katie Mae came into our lives. Katie loved having a brother from day 1, and was his protector all the time up until he departed us with Cancer. Katie helped him with his seisures by barking at him, and notifing us that he was having a moment. Saxon always loved going for rides, since he even sat in the drivers seat. Saxon loved playing in the snow and being outside.
Saxon was daddy's (Andrew) best friend, an companion as they were always together. Just like Grandpa (Lawrence) and Daddy (Andrew) were.

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