Champion Family Dedication

Mom's Prayer

Like a Rose

What a lovely and enchanted rose you are my mother
Genuine, sincere, and your beauty unlike any other
Like a rose, a purpose there is for mother's thorns
Your wisdom, love, and sometimes even your scorns you live your life to direct and guide us with your blessings never complaining about the pain we cause or the stress.
Mother you are an angel spreading sweetness around Sacrificing, given, and your kindness is so profound
In my heart forever you'll be a rose in full bloom
A heart my mother you have, surely made of the finest gold
Wisdom greatly shines every day as the years unfold
Your soft heart is like a sweet garden of rare beauty
Being compassionate to others it seems to you as duty
Thoughtfulness and gentleness
I feel as your words flow
When ever I see you smile deep in my heart love glows
Yes mother, no one could ever in my heart take your place
I always turned to you when obstacles
I had to face
For that mother and for giving me the pleasure of many things
I thank you for the happiness in my life you constantly bring
It's so easy to say here sweet words, indeed so true
Right now and forever mother,
I will always love you
You have been a great human giving us a magical pleasure
Mother You are the gift from God

I will always treasure the Moments with You Mom!