Champion Family Dedication

We are dedicating the following videos & photo's to our very special girl, she touched family and friends lives.

Katie Mae Champion - (granddaughter)
You see Katie came into our world physically and mentally abused at an approximate age of 1 1/2 years old. She needed lots, and lots of love and compassion, as her insecuraties were to much. Katie over the years faced her fears, by attending agility and interacting with other dogs and people. Katie was a mother hen to us, Saxon, and Maddox from day one, she then watched her companion (Saxon) who was suffering from Seisures. She would help bring him out of them, and notify everyone that he was having a Seisure. In the coming years Saxon came to Cancer in the Limpnodes.
These two were always unseparatable, until his passing. Katie then became depressed until her brother (Maddox) arrived. These two hit things off, never leaving each others side, touching each other, playing together. She shown him what this household is all about, keeping him in line. She taught him all the ins & outs, and became best friends, by sharing her water, food, toys, etc.
In the coming years, it was Maddox's turn to take care of his aging sister, as she was having difficulty walking untill she could not walk anymore. Maddox stayed with her, keeping her company, and trying to play with her. She always gave herself to our family, friends and Maddox.
- Rest easy little girl, your are no longer in pain! Mommy, Daddy, and Maddox are proud of you for everything that you have accomplished besides taking care of your (2) brothers. We love and miss you!