Champion Family Dedication

The Champion family would like to give our token of appreciation to the entire roster of active, support, honerary, the limited and not forgotten members that have passed away.
The Champion Family has over 40+ years in the Clinton Fire Service, and would like to reconize them of ther Outstanding efforts, friendships, and support. I would Personally would like to "Thank" (90-Jeff Heser / 902-Brian Manware) for allowing Lawrence Champion's honerary status license plate (CFD-19) to be transfered to Andrew Champion. Since this was a wish of Luella Champion, she was very happy with the letter that she received from Brian Manware and her conversation with Jeff Heser on this matter.

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The Clinton Volunteer Fire Department

Officers (2007-2008)

Chief Jeff Heser
Deputy Chief Bob Voss
Deputy Chief EMS John Battista
Assistant Chief Brian Manware
Captain Station 1 Pete Lefrancois
Captain Station 2 Brian Smith
Captain EMS Scott Davenport
Lieutenant Company 1 Brian White
Lieutenant Company 2 Tim Maenza
Lieutenant Aerial Company Jeff Skau
Lieutenant Marine Company Jeff Colvin
Lieutenant Rescue Company Chris Simoni
Lieutenant EMS Sandy Voss
Lieutenant EMS Melissa Battista
Lieutenant EMS Jen Clados

Administrative Officers

9AD Deputy Chief Administration Dave E. Burns
Secretary David R. Long
Treasurer David J. Burns
Communication Coordinator Ken Archer
Quartermaster Donald Blifford
Fire Police Supervisor Roy Sullivan
912 Chief Engineer Bob J. Corson
913 Asst. Engineer Chris Norrie
Department Photographer Ron Manware
Department Chaplain Rev. Bob Appelby

Roster Of Active Members

Alberino Jr, Edward – FF/EMS
Allen, Lillian – Ladies Aux
Allen, Sandy - Support
Andrews, Scott – FF/EMS
Archer, Barbara – Ladies Aux
Battista, Brian - EMS
Benedict, John – FF/FP
Bergers, Christopher - Support
Brymer, Beth – Ladies Aux
Butcher, Susan – EMS
Catalano, Marc – FF
Clados, Anastasio – FF/EMS
Clados, Clara – Ladies Aux
Cluett, Tucker - FF/EMS
Coffin, Glenn - FF/EMS
Conklin, Michael – FF/EMS
Corson Sr, Robert – FP/EMS
Davenport, Yvonne – Ladies Aux
Delecke, Dennis - FF/EMS
DeMay, Ross - FF
Denison, Ray - EMS
Diamond, James - EMS
Doucette, Theodore – FF/EMS
Durgan, Diane - EMS
Faiella, Stephen - FF/EMS
Forchielli, James – FF/EMS
Galdenzi, Gary – FF/EMS
Galdenzi, Kim - EMS
Gelven, Marc – EMS
Gentner, Ryan
Girardi, Al – FF
Girardi, Melanie – Captain Junior Company
Girardi, Susan – Ladies Aux
Gworek, Linda – EMS
Hague, Janette - EMS
Hall, Bryan – FP
Henninger, Marilyn – Ladies Aux
Heser, Paula – EMS
Hessler, Barbara – EMS
Hessler, Jeffrey - FP
Hill, Charles – FF/EMS
Houle, Karen – Ladies Aux
Hussaini, John - Support
Hynek, James – FF/EMS
Jenkins, Carol – Ladies Aux
Jenkins, Robert – FF
Johnson, Stephanie - EMS
Keck, Jill – FF/EMS
Koelle, Mark - Support
Konsevich, Anthony - EMS
Kyhn, Robert – FF/EMS
Lewellyn, Jason – FF/EMS
Long, Ed – FF/EMS
Long, Nancy - EMS
Long, Stephanie - EMS
Maenza, Tim – FF/EMS
Massey, Mike A – FF/EMS
Massey, Roger – FF/EMS/FP
Mietlicki, John – FF
Miller, Debbie - FF/EMS
Miller, Mark - EMS
Morgan, Cynthia - EMS
Murphy, John – FF
Murphy, MaryAnn – Ladies Aux/FP
Murphy, Robert – FF
Nadeau, Keith – FF/EMS
Neff, Michael – FF/EMS
Norrie, James - FF/EMS
O’Brien, Ed – FP
Parmelee, Crystal – FF/EMS
Paulson, Cynthia – Ladies Aux/Sup
Paulson, Michael - FF
Perdue, Bryan - FF/EMS
Reinwald, Emil – FF/FP/EMS
Robbins, Blake – FF
Romero, Samuel – Jr
Ryan, David - EMS
Sanso, Arthur - FF
Schmardel, David - EMS
Schrempp, Frank - FF
Schrempp, Ryan - Jr
Simoni, Christopher – FF/EMS
Skau, Lori - Support
Smith, Thomas - FP
Sparks, Erwin – FF/EMS
Sparks, Marian - Support
Stein, Hank – EMS
Story, Janice – Ladies Aux
Strong, Michael
Struzinski, Kristopher – EMS
Studdard, Grady - Jr
Sullivan, Peter - FF
Swan, Dawn – EMS
Thomas, Steven – FF/EMS
Vincent, Matt – FF/EMS/FP
Voelker, Bryan - FF
White, Andrea - EMS
White, James - FF
Whittel, John – FF/EMS
Young, Clark - FF
Yungk, Jennifer – EMS
Thank you all!

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